The Community of Peshastin, WA

The Railroad in Peshastin

The Great Northern Railway played an important part in the development of the Community of Peshastin, as well as that of the Wenatchee Valley and the entire northwest.
The little town of Peshastin was established about 1890, with a Post Office and tavern located along the Blewett Cutoff road. In 1892, the Great Northern Railway laid tracks up the Wenatchee River Valley and the town was moved to its present location, across the Wenatchee River to the north, and along the tracks. A depot was established in Peshastin.

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Downtown Peshastin in the 1920s.

Later, the Railroad company, decided that the grade from Leavenworth to the Cascade Mountains was too steep, so, in 1927, they rerouted the tracks and raised the rail bed with a long trestle to graduate the grade to a lesser degree slope. The trestle was then back filled with gravel to give a solid and more stable foundation. This then left the main street of Peshastin sitting where it is today, about 15 feet below the railroad.

Looking west, toward downtown Peshastin, May 2008

Looking east from downtown Peshastin

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Laying track near Peshastin, 1927

Trestle Near peshastin being back filled. 1927



Peshastin train wreck along the Wenatchee River, 1972


View more pictures from the 1927 building of the new elevated railroad bed in the Peshastin area at the University of Washington Library photo gallery.

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